Glass Bucket Candle Set for Outdoor Camping

Candle in glass bucket set for Outdoor Camping Garden Party ,home decoration

Products Details

1.Unique bucket design with high quality glass 2. Create glow and elegance to your event and home decoration or outdoor camping. 3.Light of the candle will pass through the clear glass to bring a warm and romantic glow to any environment. 4.high grade candle wax ensure a clean,stable and safe burn . 5.Natural fiber candle wick delivers the non-toxic, tasteless burn without black smoke ,can get rid o odor. The flame is soft and stable. 6.Light of the candle will goes through the bright glass to create a pleasant and romantic glow to any environment. 7.Pretty glass bucket that can be used as jewelry or small item storage containers after the candles burn out. And you can use the empty bucket containers for DIY candle making or planting succulents.Whether you're entertaining in your garden, on the patio, by the pool, at the park, or around the table, put this citronella bucket nearby to get you a beautiful summer night. Summer necessities for camping outdoor party. When the scented candle ran out, the bucket be used as a storage box, or you can plant inside.Burning candles should be placed on a fireproof container and out of the reach of children.To avoid fire, please use it when there are people.  To prevent uneven burning, burn in a draft -free area and not immediately close to another candle.Keep wicks trimmed to 1/3-inch or less. If the wick left too long ,extinguish candle,trim wick,let cool and relight. Please avoid contact body and clothing, and keep it away from pets and children.1.More than 10 years experience in this industry 2.Provide high quality products, offer OEM &ODM 3.Samples can be done as your requirements 4.Skilled in developing new products 5.Wide excellent experience with after sale service

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